Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 Tips to Having a Great Website

Every web master wants their website to be the best. One has his own reasons why he chooses to set up a website. But whatever that reason maybe, whether it is for business purposes or for personal use, creating an impressive website design is always the main goal.

If you want your website to look professional, these ten tips could help you a lot:

1. Navigation is the key.

Be sure that there is an organized hierarchy of text links on your site. Your home page should be accessible from every page. Put links that would take your visitors seamlessly from one page to the next without causing confusion.

2. Content is still king.

An information-rich website ends up to a very popular one in the long run. Not only will your visitors obtain relevant data from your site - optimized content will also make your site fair well in the search engine results.

3. Use text and graphics appropriately.

Don’t over populate your site with images because search robots can’t understand them. But you need those anyway because users get drawn to images than they do with text. Balance is the key.

4. Test your site using different browsers.

What seems good with Internet Explorer may not look well for Mozilla. Test your pages with every popular browser used online to ensure a more professional look for your site.

5. Less is more.

If you have seen Google’s website, you know what this means. Less bytes means faster loading of web pages.

6. Make sure there are no broken links on your site.

Nothing frustrates internet surfers more than seeing the “Page cannot be displayed” message on their computer screen.

7. Make sure there are no typographical or grammatical errors on your site.

If you want to make your site perfect and professional looking, you must check and recheck until you’re satisfied with your content and everything else about your website.

8. Consistency in design is important.

Don’t overdo your website that every page dons a different color scheme. Visitors may think that they’re in an entirely different site and leave. Go for uniform pages at all times.

9. Use multimedia elements sparingly.

Music and videos on your site is good. But never ever go for auto playing because it makes your pages load slower. In some cases, they could crash the user’s web browser as well.

10. Keep individual pages short.

The most you can do is allow four clicks on the scroll bar to get to the bottom of the page. Anything more is long.

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