Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Importance of a Clean and Clear Website

A website is considered as the online representative of any company. It is the face which tells the entire online world about nature of your business; hence, you want your website to be the most impressive. There are many factors which are responsible for complete look and feel of a website but its designing plays the most important role.

website designing is a vast term in itself which integrates complete layout of a site, including specification of font sizes and image sizes to assimilation of interactive and dynamic elements to the website. An aesthetic and appearance of website gives a corporate approach to your business. Hence, it is very important to design a website in a manner, with which it doesn’t look cluttered.

If your website design would be excessively full of content and images, it would not be able to pass on the message, it is intended for. Apart from this, a cluttered also ends up losing visitors, as it fails to attract and bind them. In accordance with a research done on some visitors explained, “A cluttered site puts major negative impact on your business.” It was found that -

• A cluttered website design gives an impression of an advertising site and it fails to convey the real message; thus, most of the visitors avoid browsing such web pages.

• Most visitors also complained that a cluttered site puts lots of strain on eye and it is not at all user friendly.

• Additionally, the survey showed that almost fifty percent of total visitors close such web pages within few seconds.

A cluttered website is genuinely an irritation for visitors while a clean and clear website design attracts more and more people due to its soothing look and feel. After taking a notice of negative visitor response on cluttered sites, experts of website design services are paying attention to the creation of websites which are clean, clear and offer a corporate look and feel. However, a clear website contains lesser content but it makes more impact on visitors than a cluttered website does.

And most importantly, in accordance with modern researches, search engines are also attracted more to clear websites than a cluttered one. So, for a better traffic cunt as well as make an impressive representation in web world, you must opt for a visitor’s friendly site.

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