Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to integrate a Payment gateway into a website

If you are ready to accept payments through credit cards for your online services or products bought by your customers, you need to have a payment gateway. For this you should understand what exactly you require for the integration of a payment gateway on your e-commerce website.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is basically an application which enables the user to process all his transactions online or over the internet. If one wants to sell his services or products via internet or a website, he needs to have a payment gateway integrated on his website to facilitate easy payment transfer between customers and the business. Apart from this, the payment gateway shall also secure the financial institution which pays on behalf of the customer and the financial institution which is accepting payment on behalf of the seller. This software acts just as a liaison between the internet and your e-commerce website.

If one is running an online business and is selling products or services, but still has not yet made use of this incredible automatic payment processing service, then one needs to set up a payment gateway if he really wants to take up his website to the next level and receive more clients. If you are having a business web host, you may already have a payment gateway access; otherwise you may require asking your web host for this service or locating some other modes to integrate this into your site.

What all you need for integration of payment gateway

The process of payment gateway integration takes a little hard word. This is one of the software applications that require being stored on the user’s server. It means that a user may require a little more disk space and bandwidth. Check all the requirements of this software to ensure that your present hosting package can handle the development in technical requirements.

Next thing you need to do is to ensure that the payment gateway is compatible with all programming languages that are used on e-commerce sites. Check out if you are making use of one of the following programming languages: -

Visual Basic.Net PHP Perl/CGI ASP.Net or ASP

Ensure that the payment gateway you are using, allows similar languages as the rest of the web pages so that they can go well together. Finally, you also need to get what cost or fee is associated with integration process of payment gateway services.

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