Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Business Website Design is Changing

An online website is not the same as it used to be. There are many changes that have taken place with the technologies that shoppers and visitors expect to see when they go to a company site. These business website design changes include blogs and Web 2.0 technologies, audio and video, and much more.

Web 2.0 is the new and improved World Wide Web. A business site today cannot create a few pages and go live and expect to immediately begin experiencing purchases coming through the wire. In the past companies could do this. Today, there are many changes that have taken place and those companies that are not considering adapting to the business web design company changes are failing.

Business website design includes the ability of many Web 2.0 functionalities. Two of the most common functionalities today are the use of blogs and forums. These two functionalities allow for users to add their own comments to the site pages if they want to. Users can have the ability to upload their own comments, audio, and other things. This gives a visitor the feeling of ownership. When a visitor has the feeling of ownership of a site they will come back for more to see if people responded and more. Web 2.0 allows an easy way to create returning customers. The benefit of blogs and forums is that the more comments you have on your site about the products and services offered the more keywords that are being naturally written on the site.

Audio and video technologies have revolutionized the web today. Business web design should include audio files and video files. This is because the shoppers and users expect to see videos. They would very much rather visit a website that includes a video they can sit back and watch and learn rather than 15 pages of material to read. Companies can use videos to their advantage and integrate links and keywords into video also.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies online make today is not providing what the customers are looking for. Business web site design needs to change and adapt to the technologies. If you do not know how to make these changes and integrate web 2.0 functionalities then you need to hire a professional that can help you. You should consider blogs, forums, audio and video, and other things if you want to be successful online today.

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