Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Augmenting the Web with Customized Applications

Imagine a web without the frills that we are so used to. A bland interface that just spews forth information, neither caring to be presentable nor carrying any pretense of understanding what the users want. Not palatable to the brain, right!

This mindset of expecting information from the web in the most presentable and appealing of forms has been cultivated owing to the growth of the Web Application Development domain. Websites with never seen before features, web portals that do justice to their title by proving to be gateways to a host of applications that dynamically modify information to expound every problem and dispel every doubt, are commonplace these days.

With the web evolving into a mobile entity, that’s shed its obsolete wired bonds and dwells in every hand held communication device which are essential tools of every business and corporate venture, the scope for Content Distribution has also expanded manifold. Content Distribution involves delivery of media content of any nature; audio/video/software installable files/games etc…, over a distribution medium such as broadcasting or the internet. Multi-user deployment of critical software updates as well as mundane applications from remote geographical locations is a reality today. E-commerce development has spurred the growth of numerous portals facilitating wireless, hassle-free, online financial transactions that define the e-marketplace today. Banking, shopping, insurance applications: you name it and the monetary segment is available online where single clicks of your mouse govern exchanges of unimaginable sums of money. Advanced programming platforms like Ajax have proved to be prolific exponents of the web 2.0 revolution with highly dynamic and interactive interfaces characterized by the Ajax development approach adopted by developers.

Portals that provide multiple functionality such as social networking, commercial networking, matrimonial facilities, dating opportunities, online gaming and entertainment, audio and video player utilities etc… are enormously popular among the net-savvy generation as they provide a one-stop answer to almost all their requirements. An increasing number of business processes in the Information technology industry are being outsourced everyday which has led to significant development of remote access technologies that allow users to transcend distant continents and retrieve or backup sensitive information. Content Distribution has opened up avenues for businesses ventures to have a wide base of customers including global clientele and cater to their data requirements. The success of the “Software as a Service (SaaS)” approach is apt testimony to the importance and necessity of Content Distribution. With Ajax playing a major part in the client side software interfaces, Ajax development has a quintessential role to enact in this scheme of things.

DesignerPk (DPK) Technologies Pvt Ltd has recognized the need for developing expertise in Web Application Development, Web Portal Development, Content Distribution and Ajax development domains and has taken requisite steps to stay at the helm of the rapidly transforming technology vista. With dedicated teams to focus on and translate your requirements into end-products exceeding expectations, DPK is sure to stay ahead of the game.

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