Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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Ok, I've read and searched all night. But can't really find the answer.

I'm getting ready to open up shop on the Web and I'm going to need to be able to receive money. So we are talking pretty low volume, but reasonable charges each transaction.

It appears he can't do it simply to the merchant account as I read somewhere you require a minimum of 150 transactions a month. At this stage he would not be getting that. Is this figure true? I'll give them a call to confirm this, as this may be the preffered method.

I've looked at all the Australian realtime processors. EWay seems to come up trumps with their current no setup fee promotion. Netregistry seems great for high number, low value transactions, but not for this situation. I am however considering Ematters (if I can convince them to match Eway and waive the setup fees).

However, as it is high value, I'm concerned about security. Would a manual payment gateway (I was looking at Epath, if I was to choose this option) be more suitable do you think? If I was to use a VirtualPOS with a manual payment gateway, would that be more secure even if he was using it in say an internet cafe (he likes to travel a lot).

How often do people get charge backs from their realtime gateways (like one in how many transactions)?

Trying to really gauge whether the security of a manual gateway will outway the convience of a real-time one.


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